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Laadla (1966)

Savitra loved her son Darshan very much. She did not want her son to love anybody else, may it be Darshan's younger real sister Sita. Savitra insisted Darshan not to love anybody else but she could ...


Laadla (1994)

Raju (Anil Kapoor), an unemployed youth, lives with his disabled mother (Farida Jalal). En route to a job interview, he saves the life of a wealthy businessman (Anupam Kher), who offers him a job in ...

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag (2007)

Badki and Chutki are the daughters of Shivshankar Sahay and Sabitri. They live together on the banks of the Ganga river in Banaras. Life is sweet and fun-filled for the two. The family are relatively ...

Laat Saab

Laat Saab (1992)

Vijay (Jackie Shroff) is nicknamed 'Laat Saab' by his loving father, Rai Saheb Ajay Kumar (Saeed Jaffrey). Vijay meets Anju (Neelam) in a hotel in Simla and it's love at first sight. Once when vijay ...


Laawaris (1981)

Born as the illegitimate son of an industrialist (Amjad Khan) and a professional singer (Rakhee), Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) is brought up by a drunkard (Shreeram Lagoo). Vijay is appointed by the ...


Laawaris (1999)

In the title role, we have Akshaye Khanna as Captain Dada, a goonda who is into hafta vasuli and that's about it. He terrorizes a family in his basti (the lawyer Jackie Shroff, his wife Dimple ...


Ladaai (1989)

Ladaai is the story of a public prosecutor who with the help of two boys, whose innocent father she had sent to jail, tracks down the real criminals!

Ladies Tailor

Ladies Tailor (2006)

Chander is a lazy tailor. One day he meets a fortune teller who informs him that he has "RAJYOG" written in his hand but he'll have to mary the girl with a particular mole. The movie follows ...

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl (2011)

Ricky Bahl (Ranveer Singh) has got the looks and he's got the charm and is tall and has a beard. He could have the pick of the ladies. But love isn't Ricky's priority - money is! And he adopts a ...

Ladka Ladki

Ladka Ladki (1966)

A dutiful son (Kishore Kumar) vows that he will get married only after his sister is settled in life. The sister (Laxmi Chhaya) is a woman who was a victim of child marriage. Her brother is a ...


Lafange (1975)

Gopal (Randhir Kapoor) and Lal (Pran) are two crooks mastered in the art of extracting money from the gullible and the simple.

Lafangey Parindey

Lafangey Parindey (2010)

A dash of style with loads of attitude and a hunger to reach the stars, Lafangey Parindey is about a group of youngsters living in the backstreets of Mumbai. It is an unusual love story of Nandu ...


Lagaan (2001)

Lagaan is set in late 19th century India. Captain Andrew Russell (Paul Blackthorne), the commanding officer of a British cantonment, oppresses the people of Champaner with high taxes (lagaan). The ...

Lage Raho Munnabhai

Lage Raho Munnabhai (2006)

The central protagonist, Munna Bhai, interacts with an image of Mahatma Gandhi and learns the principles of Gandhian philosophy in Lage Raho Munna Bhai. He is helped by his sidekick, Circuit. They ...